Muddasir Ahmad ​lived in Kashmir region explains why Pakistan is better than India? 

Seriously let me answer this question why some of us think that Pakistan is better than India. I mean why not. I can provide you a list of options that would prove that Pakistan is far better country than India for Muslims, Non Muslim as well as for other minorities.

  1. Pakistan is better as it provide​s freedom from speech. I mean if you want to become invisible just say something about army. Then you are freed.
  2. You can gather people and Lynch anyone you want. Mob lynching is cool right.
  3. Remember when you use to play with toys guns in India. Naah they will provide you the real ones.
  4. It’s better for you as it provides freedom from religion. I mean you all know how well they treat the Ahmadiyya, Shia’s , Hindus and Christians.
  5. You will have National advisers like Hafiz saeed so your nation would be free for all Terrorist activities.
  6. OMG this one, you can convert any of your wishes into law nobody is stopping you. Yeah Thug life rules there.
  7. But If you have Wahabi ideology it will be a hell for you.

I don’t like sarcasm at all.